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Our Services

We focus on the full range of transactions, including public and private transactions, Kuwait Direct Investments, share, and asset sales, joint ventures, right issues, takeovers, the establishment of corporate and other investment entities such as partnerships, advice on franchising, service and consultancy agreements including agency arrangements and outsourcing, real estate transactions, due diligence on the buyer and seller sides, litigation.

We understand that Kuwait is constantly changing and you may be confronted by a confusing array of regulations, questions, and occasional disputes.


Contact us with your issue today.


•        Choosing the right structure of operation;

•        Business setup, registration, and dissolution;

•        Mergers and acquisitions;

•        NDA's and confidentiality agreements;

•        Contractual disputes (including collections and enforcement of obligations);​

•        Debt collection and recovery;

•        Arbitration;

•        Capital markets;

•        Competition Law;

•        Construction & Infrastructure;

•        Intellectual Property;

•        Mediation;

•        Financial crimes;

•        Private wealth;

•        Media & Technology;

•        Litigation

Debt Collection Services in Kuwait

We have a personalized, per-account approach. We don’t lock you into a binding contract. As a matter of fact, we don’t require you to submit all of your accounts to us.


Start collecting on your outstanding accounts by following these simple steps:

 - Provide us with supporting documentation, like statements, invoices, or other relevant documentation/correspondence with the debtor;

 - Have a phone call with us to review all of the details.

Our service involves a combination of calls from highly trained collection agents and lawyers, effective letters, and other services, including site visits.


​Our two-step debt recovery program helps you get paid – faster.


Step 1


​In Step 1, your accounts will receive professional letters for a competitive flat fee per account. If you have more than 5 accounts, 15% discount will be applied to Step 1. The collection of your commercial bad debt claims will be handled by experts who know and understand the strategies to be implemented to achieve the desired collection success.

The debtors will receive a unique collection letter to encourage to fulfill their payment obligations directly to your company on a timely basis, phone calls, possibly site visit. The purpose of the phone calls is not only to confirm when payment will be made but also to reveal any issues that might prevent the timely payment.

Unpaid accounts move to Step 2.



Step 2


​Your accounts receive legal recovery efforts. Our legal team can ensure that you receive your judgment without the hassle of appearing in court. Once we have an enforceable judgment, the debt recovery can be taken to the next level.


We provide industry-leading results in the Gulf region and take pride in extending this service to every one of our valued clients.


Our goal is to make the process of collecting Your money as efficiently as possible.


We have an established legal network in the Gulf Region. This is effective since the lawyer is next to the debtor’s “home state”. All the lawyers are fully licensed.

It's easy to place a claim with us online or to get a fast quote to handle your collections. Simply send us an email and someone will be in touch with you shortly. 


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