Our Network

Arsan cooperates with local and international law firms to address the demands of our clients' businesses. This network has been built based on legal knowledge and professional evaluation.

If You are experiencing issues internationally, we can find you a right lawyer to fit Your needs.

Simply call +96599066878 or fill out the form on our website with the short description of your issue.

One of our referral counselors will contact You to discuss your issue. All information you provide will be kept confidential. You will be referred to an approved and qualified lawyer, depending on the type of case. It will be up to You to decide, whether you would like to work with the lawyer.

A prior approval from our clients is a must before sharing the information with partner offices.


Call our offices for more information at +96599066878


Meet some of the law firms we are cooperating with:

FootAnstey - United Kingdom

 Al Obaidli & Al Zarooni - United Arab Emirates

Yamani, Jamjoom & Baroom - Saudi Arabia

Nayef bin Zayed Al Roshod‏ Law Offices -

Saudi Arabia

Yonar Legal Consulting - Turkey

English-Speaking direct line: +96599066878

Fax: +96522469092

Gravity Tower, Sharq, Ahmad Al Jaber St, Kuwait

برج جرافيتي ، شارع أحمد الجابر، شرق ، مدينة الكويت، الكويت

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